Health and fitness gift ideas

25 Gift Ideas for Health and Fitness Lovers

If you’re shopping for a fitness lover this season, and feel like you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck! We know that many fitness lovers often buy themselves everything they need to get their workout done how they like it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of great fitness accessories they could use to enhance their existing workout regimens.

To help give you some inspiration on what to get your active loved one, we’ve created a gift guide for fitness lovers with 25 of our favorite gifts in health and fitness this year. 

Vibrating Foam Roller - The Pulse

Vibrating foam roller

Foam rolling after a workout increases flexibility, mobility, pliability, circulation, and reduces muscle soreness for quick recovery to get your loved one back in the gym. Used by Professional athletes and people just starting their weight loss journey, these muscle rollers are an essential piece of workout equipment to have in your routine. Choose from 5 vibration levels with a rechargeable battery for long lasting use.

Shiatsu Foot & Leg Massager Machine  

Cloud Massage's foot and leg massager

Help your loved one find relaxation and soothing relief at home with the Cloud Massage foot and leg massager! Designed to target the feet, ankles, and calves, this massager helps relieve tension through deep-kneading action using the latest Shiatsu technology. This massager has 5 different levels for healing and relaxation, to target all of your specific needs.

Athleisure Joggers

Give the gift of comfort with a pair of athletic joggers. There is plenty of styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from and you simply can't go wrong with a pair of cozy sweats that are perfect as lounging pants or for pre / post workout. 

Vybe Pro Percussion Massage Gun

Vybe percussion massage gun

Any fitness lover will go nuts over this percussive massage gun. It provides a professional-grade deep tissue massage that's perfect for breaking up knots and removing aches and pains deep in your muscles. With 9 speeds, 8 massage heads to target specific muscles, and 3 hours of battery life, you’d be crazy not to buy it!

ClassPass Gift Card

Do you know that your loved one loves to workout and take classes, but have absolutely no idea what type or where they like to go? Then, you’re in luck because we’ve got the perfect gift for you. ClassPass offers credits to classes at top-rated studios and gyms for less than drop-in prices, and they can use their credits to take different classes at different studios. They can even redeem their credits at certain spas and salons for a little bit of self-care!

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are a great versatile gift that can be used by so many people for different purposes. They’re great for low-intensity to rigorous workouts, and this ball offers a quick and easy set-up with an included air pump. Excellent balance balls for exercise, yoga, pilates, and stretching at home, in the gym, or the office! 

Compression Pants

Did you know that wearing compression pants during and after a workout helps speed up the process of rebuilding muscles after exercise? If you’re shopping for someone who loves to run, jump or test their physical endurance, their wardrobe and their workout will surely benefit from a pair of compression shorts or tights.

Workout Journal & Fitness Log

As the new year approaches, it’s a great time to gift someone a workout or motivation journal. Many health and fitness lovers find great success and consistency from logging their goals and workout plans. We especially love this journal for its inclusion of self-promoting affirmations. 

Weight Bangles

These weighted bangles from Bala are some of the newest trendy fitness items on the market. The weighted bangles can be used on wrists or ankles, so your fitness junkie can add comfortable resistance to their workout routine when they want that extra burn. They come in different weights and colors so you’ll surely be able to find the right combo!

BFR Bands

Blood flow restriction training bands

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Bands have been said to enhance aerobic capacity, endurance and muscular size at low training volumes and intensities. These bands make great fitness gifts for someone looking to increase muscle while lifting lighter weights. 


Keep them hydrated and their water cool for up to 24 hours. Choose from an array of colors and sizes, or even customize a water bottle in your giftee’s favorite color. These water bottles are double insulated and extremely durable for any type of fitness activity or outdoor adventure. 


Fitbit versa 2

If you’re looking for gifts for people who walk a lot, or who want to track their heart rate or wellness goals, look no further. Fitbit has multiple different models from smart watches to fitness trackers. These stylish wrist accessories promote wellness and motivation while offering innovative features like sleep tracking and stress management! 

Wireless Headphones

If you’re looking to splurge on your fitness guru, consider getting them a pair of wireless headphones. No more messing around with tangled cords or headphone adapters. Apple just released their new 3rd generation Airpods with sweat and water-resistant technology perfect for heavy workouts or running in the rain. 

Yoga Mat 

Does your favorite yogi need a new mat to add to their practice? Consider Alo Yoga’s Warrior Mat that’s roomy, perfectly cushioned for joint support, anti-odor, dry-wicking and slip-free. It’s also 100% formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and PVC-free, perfect for a clean practice and a peaceful savasana. Choose from a range of bright and cheerful or more muted, neutral colors.

Running Shoes

Up your runner’s shoe game with a fancy new pair of running shoes. Hoka running shoes are a great option that are designed to make you feel like you’re flying, and they offer a 30-day free refund, no questions asked. Check out the ‘Gift Finder’ feature on their website to let them help you find the perfect pair for your loved one! 

Athletic Face Masks

Now that workout classes, studios, and gyms are opening back up after COVID-19 closures, fitness fanatics are flocking to their favorite spots. With mask mandates still in place in many cities, consider gifting a pack of reusable face masks that are designed for working out.  

Bullet Blender

If you’re shopping for someone who loves eating healthy or always drinks a protein shake after their workout, you need to get them a Nutribullet blender. Its simple, hassle-free, minimalist design is perfect for anyone who is looking to mix up a healthy post-workout snack. The bullet serves as a cup itself and you can even use it for soups, purees, and sauces. 

Meditation Subscription

Give the gift of mindfulness, less stress, and happiness with a subscription to Headspace. They’re all about being kind to your mind, and offer countless meditations for mindfulness, stress, sleep, and more. No meditation experience is required for someone to start using Headspace, and you have the choice of sending a 1-month subscription or 1-year subscription.

Recovery Slides 

Exercise is demanding on your joints, especially in areas like feet and ankles. Give someone you love a pair of OOFOS recovery slides, and their feet will be thanking you for years to come! These slides are designed to reduce pressure and absorb more impact than traditional footwear. These slides are also a great gift for people who work on their feet all day and need to recharge when they get home.

Sport Spray

Sometimes avid exercisers go nose-blind to their workout gear. If someone you know or live with needs to give their yoga mat or running shoes a bit of a refresh, consider gifting them one of these scented deodorizers from The Laundress. 

Fanny Pack

Patagonia fanny pack

For the avid runner, hiker, or outdoor enthusiast in your life. This fanny pack from Patagonia is made from 100% recycled materials and has plenty of space for keys, cards, and a cell phone. It can be worn around the waist as a belt, or over-the-shoulder, bandolier style. 

Air Fryer

For the fitness and foodie enthusiast in your life - gift them a Ninja Air Fryer. The air fryer craze is no joke, and it’s definitely not overrated. Air frying food is healthier than frying in oil, and it cuts out a lot of calories and fats in doing so. If someone you know is trying to lose weight, eat healthier or spend more time in the kitchen, you know what to do!

Barrel Bag

The Gym Shark Barrel Bag is the perfect gift for someone who’s always juggling their exercise equipment, water bottle, phone, keys and wallet in their hands. It’s a unisex design with a padded shoulder strap and carry handles, perfect for storing everything from gym essentials to light luggage. 

Face Training Stick

The perfect gift for the exercise lover and skin-care guru in your life. The Face Gym Training Stick Set includes four of their motion-activated skincare sticks that penetrate your skin better the harder you work out. Powered by charcoal, pink clay, spirulina, and multivitamins, these sticks react to sweat and heat, so your friends can work on their complexion while they workout!

Resistance Band Set With Handle & Door Anchor

Resistance band set with wall anchor

Help enhance your loved one’s home workout set-up with this 12-piece complete set of resistance bands. The set also comes with a door hook, carrying case, and easy-attach clipping system. These bands can be customized to suit different fitness levels and can be stacked together to create resistance of up to 75 pounds.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration for gifts for fitness lovers, and that you feel ready to take on the gift-giving season with confidence. There are so many great fitness items and accessories that can enhance your workout junkie’s life, so don’t get discouraged if you feel out of your element. At the end of the day, whoever you’re shopping for will love any gift that was thoughtfully picked out for them by someone they care about.
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