4 Great Outdoor Workouts Just in Time for Summer

4 Great Outdoor Workouts Just in Time for Summer

Summer is around the corner and that means there’s no better time to take your workout outside! Here are four of our favorite ways to work up a sweat in the great outdoors. 

Bodyweight Exercises 

summer outdoor workout

Sometimes, the best kind of training involves using your own weight. Lunges, squats, pushups and pullups are some easy bodyweight movements that can be done anywhere. Learn how you can add resistance to your bodyweight exercises with the Core Slider! [link to Core Slider blog post for blue underlined text]

Interval Running

interval running for weight loss

There’s no better workout than High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)! There are plenty of benefits of HIIT, but some of our favorites include a boosted metabolism, increased endurance, and the best one for those on a time crunch: less time spent working out. Interval running is easy - start with a light warm up, then run/sprint for 30 seconds and walk/jog for 10 seconds. Repeat 4-8 times, and do a cool down.


outdoor yoga

Take your practice outside! Increase your mind-body connection by taking in the fresh air and sounds of nature, whether you do your poses by the beach or in your own backyard.


best hiking trails

Disconnect from the day-to-day with a hike! Sometimes, all you need to feel restored and refreshed is to connect with nature. So grab a friend and a water bottle (we recommend insulated bottles to keep your water nice and cold!), and get a whole-body workout without even realizing you’re working out.

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