5 Benefits of Exercise Ball

5 Benefits of Exercise Balls

Exercise balls or stability balls, as they are more commonly known, are used for improving body balance and flexibility. Exercise balls are inflatable and you can fill them up with something as simple as a bicycle pump. These balls come in a variety of sizes and weights, depending on your body length or the difficulty level that is most suitable for you. They are also available in sets for helping you progress to higher levels step by step. They are useful not only for workout, but also as a workout recovery tool.

Increase Core Muscle Strength

They can be used to improve and enhance core muscle strength and for your spinal wellness. Your core muscles are the large muscles in your upper and lower body. This group of muscles primarily consists of your abdomen, lumbar and the muscles that keep your spine and pelvis in balance. A range of movements through proper guidance can help you to not only increase core strength, but also improve their coordination with each other during movement.

Improve Body Posture

You can use exercise balls for improving your body posture. Chiropractors would tell you that most of the muscle tension or sprains you get is because of wrong posture. You cannot slump or slouch on it, because when you try sitting on exercise balls, you have to adjust to maintain the natural curve of your back. This trains you to maintain proper posture and saves you from muscular sprain.

Strengthens Lumbar Muscles

No matter which workout type or routine you follow, your lower back is always going to be that part of your body which will move the most and take the most. If it is not flexible, the risk of injury will be higher. Using exercise balls will improve the mobility of your lumbar muscles and strengthen them. They can also be used as a workout recovery tool post workout by people with weak lumbar muscles.

Improves Muscle Coordination

This may come as a surprise, but using exercise balls will help you to not only lift weights properly, but you would also be able to lift more. When guided by a proper trainer, a range of motions will improve the coordination of your muscles with each other and improve the ability of your connecting muscles. 

You can also use exercise balls for aerobics. In fact most of the latest workout routines these days include an exercise ball session in order to improve your cardiovascular health.

Improves Flexibility

Muscle recovery and the speed at which they recover are the most important factors when it comes to improving performance. Exercise balls are considered to be one of the most effective workout recovery tools. They can be used to improve flexibility before workout and improve recovery post workout. High intensity interval training puts extra strain on bodies which can be relieved by using exercise balls as a workout recovery tool.

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