9 Easy URBNFit Balance Trainer Exercises

9 Easy URBNFit Balance Trainer Exercises

If you’ve been meaning to take your basic workout routine to the next level, try the URBNFit Balance Trainer. Not only will it add some intensity to your fitness regimen, but you would also have more fun during your sessions.

As is evident from its name, the URBNFit Balance Trainer can help you attain better balance and stability. But, that’s not all. You can also build core strength by focusing on areas like cardio. With one side flat and the other a sort of flexible dome, like a halved exercise ball, you can work on different fitness routines.

Versatility is one of the major positives of the URBNFit Balance Trainer. The semicircular part can be used for cardio and strength training while the flat platform side aids core work. Don’t worry if you haven’t used this product before. You just need to understand a couple of things before starting out.

Things to Know While Using the URBNFit BalanceTrainer

First off, remember to take your time with the product and not rush things. Learning to stand on a non-flat surface like the dome will take a while anyway. Feeling tiredness in your feet is also normal. When that happens, take a break and walk the aching off.

Also, you could try using a contact point (chair, wall, etc) early on if you feel too unstable. Conversely, if the exercises seem too easy, you can always remove the contact point. In addition, while using the URBNFit Balance Trainer on wood or any other hard surface, add a folded towel or mat for extra cushioning. This will help when your knees and hands are on the floor.

Keep your body in proper alignment during all exercises. You’ll instinctively shift to maintain balance. However, make sure that you aren’t slumping or slouching.

Easy URBNFit Balance Trainer Exercises


They’re a spin on the regular push-ups where you balance your body on the URBNFit Balance Trainer with the ball side down. Doing so will help work your chest, triceps, shoulders and core. Improved balance is a bonus.

Triceps Dip

Triceps tend to get neglected during many fitness regimens. The URBNFit Balance Trainer can help you take care of them. Doing the triceps dip on it will target the back of your arms. For the best results, keep your feet as far away from the ball as possible. This will make the exercise harder and you’ll have to work more to get it right.

Shoulder Extension

Shoulder extensions on the ball are somewhat similar to push-ups. Place one hand on the ground and the other on the domed side of the URBNFit Balance Trainer. Keep them slightly wider than shoulder-width. Now, maintain a straight line from the head to the heels as you bend and extend your elbows. Repeat the same routine on the other side.


You’ll need a gym mat (or a small carpet/rug) along with the URBNFit Balance Trainer for this one. Lay on the mat with your arms flat by the sides. Bend the knees upward while keeping your feet flat on top of the ball. Once you’ve got this position right, push your feet into the ball and lift your hip off the ground. Hold your position when the body reaches the full bridge shape.


To get the position right for sit-ups, keep your back flat on the ball. Then tighten your stomach and lift with your core while sitting up. As you go back towards the floor, make sure your back doesn’t arch over the dome.


Getting the hang of the plank is actually a very good way for novices to get started on the URBNFit Balance Trainer. It makes you utilize more muscles as you try to maintain stability on uneven ground. Try to hold your plank for at least 30 seconds and start building up from there, eventually increasing the time to one minute and beyond.


While keeping the ball side up, stand on it with your legs hip-width apart. Perform the squat once you have the right balance. Hold your position for about three seconds before standing back up. This will help work your core, legs and hips.  

Setting It Up

To set up the URBNFit Balance Trainer, you need to inflate the ball the right way. Start off by inserting the pump nozzle into the air hole. After that, begin pumping with even strokes. It usually takes a couple of minutes to fully inflate the ball.

There can be different heights and firmness levels of the ball. Once it’s pumped up to your preferred point, you can test the firmness by hand. Next, remove the pump nozzle and quickly insert the ball plug. You’ll know that the plug is properly in place when it will be flush with the exercise ball surface.

Important Tips for Use

To prevent air from escaping while you remove the nozzle and fit the ball plug, quickly put your finger over the hole. Furthermore, only inflate the ball as recommended. Improper inflating can cause damage. Same goes for rough usage. Be careful not to kick the ball at any point or use it near sharp and hot objects.

Remember that the URBNFit Balance Trainer is meant for indoor use only. The material of the ball cannot tolerate outdoor use. Also, while different height levels are possible, the limit is 10 inches. So, don’t inflate more than that. Otherwise, the ball will come out of the base. 

URBNFit Balance Trainer Care and Maintenance

To clean the ball, you should use a soft cloth dipped in warm and soapy water. Avoid chemical or abrasive cleaners at all costs. Lastly, the pump and replacement plug should be kept in a safe but easily accessible place. For any further queries, don’t hesitate to contact on support@URBNFit.com

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