Muscle Rollers Workout Guide

Muscle Rollers Workout Guide

URRBNFit muscle roller is a hand held massage tool that can loosen up stiff muscles and help your body recover from tough workouts by improving blood flow and providing a deep massage. It can also help you achieve myofascial release which is necessary for your connecting tissues to operate effectively. It is compact and affordable; you can keep it in your backpack and take it anywhere you want.

Workout Guide for Massage Exercises

The muscle roller can be used for relaxing any muscle by simply rolling it on the muscle. Before workout, it can help you ease stiff muscles while after workout it can facilitate and speed up muscle recovery. Follow the below exercises in order to take full benefit from the muscle roller.

Neck Massage

You can loosen up stiff neck muscles with the massage roller. Hold the massage roller behind your neck from both ends and roll it up and down your neck in a continuous flow. Apply slight pressure on the roller while you are massaging your neck. Repeat to relieve pain or tension in your neck.

Upper Back Massage

For relieving stiff back muscles or speeding up muscle recovery after a tough workout, hold the massage roller behind your back like you’re grabbing a towel to clean your back. Holding it from both ends, roll it on your upper back from left to right in a continuous flow. You can do this massage exercise both after your workout or before it.

Lower Back Massage

Lower back pain or tension is one of the most common issues faced by athletes. It is also a common problem among people who have a sedentary lifestyle. The massage roller can be used to keep your lower back in shape and also relieve any tense muscles that hamper your performance. Grab the massage roller with both hands and massage your lower back by rolling it up and down, as many times as you want. Perform this massage exercise every other day to ensure a flexible and relaxed lower back.

Quads Massage

Your quads are one of the most important muscles in your legs. Extensive working out of these muscles can make them tense which can affect your performance. To ensure your quads are in the best shape and are getting uninterrupted oxygen supply, perform this exercise regularly. Sit down on the floor with one of your legs extended so that your knee is at 90 degrees with the floor while your other knee is resting on the floor. Take the massage roller and roll it on your thigh. Do the same to your other leg. This massage exercise can help you loosen tense leg muscles and improve blood circulation.


IT-Band (Iliotibial band) is the lateral aspect of your thigh. Its overuse can result in IT-Band syndrome and cause serious issues for you. In order to prevent this or cure an existing condition, stand with your one leg stretched backwards and the other leg slightly stretched forward. Hold the muscle roller from both ends and roll it back and forth on your thighs to loosen them up. Perform this massage every other day before and after workout to minimize the risk of IT-Band syndrome.

Glutes Massage

Your glutes are one of the most important muscles in your lower body. Your entire lower as well as upper body takes support from your glutes. They also play a very important part if you have a desktop job. In order to ensure that your glutes stay fit and healthy, perform this massage exercise regularly. Stand while holding the massage roller from both ends behind your buttocks. Move the roller up and down your glutes.

Calves Massage

Powerful calves will always provide support for every lower body exercise you perform. Your entire body weight rests on them. In order to ensure a regular supply of oxygen, sit down with one of your legs stretched forward and your feet resting on the floor. Grab the massage roller from both ends and roll it up and down your calf. Repeat the same with your other calf. Perform this exercise after workout or after a good run.

Hamstring Massage

Hamstrings are another important leg muscle. They support you not only in performing leg exercises but also play a supportive role for exercises of other major muscles. Sit down with your leg stretched out so that your knee is at 90 degrees from the floor. Hold the massage roller from both ends and roll it under your thigh. Repeat the same with the other leg. Perform this exercise especially after leg day in order to keep your hamstrings relaxed.

Foot Massage

Everyone needs a foot massage every now and then. Regardless of whether you are a gym enthusiast, a runner, a pregnant woman or you have an all-day standing job, you can always benefit from the massage roller. You can do this massage exercise while standing or sitting on a chair. Keep the massage roller on the floor and use your soles to roll it forward and backwards while keeping little pressure on the massage roller.

Shoulder Massage

Hold the massage roller in one hand and roll it on your opposite shoulder. Repeat the same with the other arm and massage the other shoulder. Powerful and sculpted shoulders are essential not just for performing numerous whole body exercises but they also give your body a beautiful look. 

Tricep Massage

Hold the massage roller from one end and use it to massage the triceps of your other arm. Keep your arm bent towards the opposite shoulder while massaging it. Do the same for the other triceps.

Bicep Massage

Grab the massage holder from one end and roll it under your biceps of the other arm while keeping your arm bent inwards. Do the same for the other arm. Perform this exercise after your workout or if you have tense biceps.

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