Pilates for Men: Why Pilates Is a Great Workout for Men Too

Pilates for Men: Why Pilates Is a Great Workout for Men Too

Are you searching for a new exercise regimen? Are you looking for an activity that will benefit both the body and the mind?

Then perhaps Pilates is what you are looking for. But you have one small question in mind: “isn’t Pilates for women only?”

Yes, Pilates is a form of exercise that is low-impact. Compared to weightlifting, tennis, or basketball, Pilates focuses on slow and precise movements. But despite its soft and light nature, Pilates does not cater to women exclusively.

In fact, there are numerous benefits of Pilates for men. In addition, more men are starting to appreciate the wonders of Pilates.

So let’s start demystifying Pilates and understand what it can do to your mind and body.

Reasons to Consider Pilates for Men

It is true that women dominate most, if not all Pilates classes. But this doesn’t mean men are unwelcome. Continue reading below as we discuss the best reasons why you should give Pilates a try.

1. Flexibility

First and foremost, Pilates improves flexibility. Pilates involves a lot of stretching. Thus, improving your flexibility.

It is a fact that men are generally less flexible than women. Through Pilates, you can increase your mobility and range of motion. It helps you perform daily tasks with more ease and grace.

Moreover, the more you increase your flexibility, the less you become prone to injuries.

2. Stronger Core

Pilates involves different kinds of exercises. But the interesting part is that all of these exercises involve your core. Through Pilates, you can slowly build your core strength.

Having a strong core has a number of benefits. A stronger core allows you to lift heavy objects much easier than before.

You will also have an easier time performing tasks that require a lot of standing or bending actions.

3. For Sports Pros

Are you a professional athlete? Or are you heavy into sports? Engaging in Pilates is a great way of adding variation in your exercise regimen.

Believe it or not, some of the most successful athletes use Pilates to improve their game. Basketball superstar LeBron James does Pilates to increase his mobility inside the court.

Golfing legend Tiger Woods is also a Pilates practitioner. He uses Pilates to help increase his range of motion and develop his strength for swinging the golf club.

On top of the physical benefits, it also helps develop a sharper mind. Pilates requires a high level of focus. The more you train your mind to focus, the sharper you will become in terms of making in-game decisions.

4. Rediscover Muscle Groups

Even if you are heavy on lifting weights or in cardio workouts, there are certain muscle groups that you still neglect. Through Pilates, you can develop those muscle groups that are weaker than the ones you use regularly.

Weightlifters, for example, tend to focus more on their arms, shoulders, and chest. If you incorporate Pilates in your regimen, you can strengthen the other muscles that you do not target when lifting weights.

5. Improve Body Awareness

As we mentioned earlier, Pilates will teach you how to focus. It will develop your concentration. It will prompt you to pay attention to things you normally don’t pay attention to.

For example, Pilates will help you focus on your breathing. And not only your normal breathing but breathing while performing specific movements. With Pilates, you need to mind the way you breathe while maintaining the proper form of your movements.

Furthermore, it will help you identify the weak points of your body. It will teach you how to embrace those weaknesses. It will also arm you with the tools and knowledge to work on them.

Starting it Right

Now that you know the benefits of Pilates, it’s time for you to take the first step. But where and how exactly do you start? Here’s a quick guide for you.

1. That First Class

Everything starts with attending that very first class. But before signing up, you need to understand that there are two types of Pilates classes. There are the mat classes and there are the reformer classes.

A mat class involves an actual mat. The mat, however, is a bit thicker compared to your regular yoga mat. The mat will serve as your battleground where you will learn different Pilates exercises.

A reformer class, on the other hand, involves a reformer machine. It is basically a sliding platform that comes with different features and accessories. A reformer comes with pulleys, springs, and a foot bar.

These elements help provide the resistance that you need for the Pilates exercises. For starters, it is best to go for the mat exercises. As you progress, you can take on more challenging exercises involving the reformer.

Keep in mind that as you continue with your Pilates journey, you will likely encounter other forms of equipment. Expect to use the likes of the Pilates ring and the exercise ball.

2. Room for Modification

As we discussed earlier, a man’s body is a lot tighter compared to women. But the basics of Pilates work for both men and women. Hence, you can expect your instructor to modify some of your exercises.

This is crucial since you want to hit the right muscles with the pressure that is apt for your body. In essence, Pilates for men shares the same principles as Pilates for women.

3. Deeper Level of Fitness

Lastly, always remember that Pilates involves both the mind and the body. Hence, you cannot just power your way into completing the exercises. You will have to align your movements with your mental focus.

Pilates may seem light compared to other forms of exercises. But there are exercises in Pilates that people find very challenging.

Once you find that balance of the mind and body, you will start enjoying a deeper level of fitness like never before.

Get the Right Equipment, Today!

With the different benefits of Pilates for men, the least you can do is to give it a try. What is good about Pilates is you can even continue your exercises at home.

But make sure you invest in the right kind of Pilates equipment.

Feel free to get in touch with us for your Pilates needs. We will guide you toward the right kind of equipment to use. We will also educate you on how to use them properly at home or in your office.

Let us know what you need and start the journey to a healthier and happier you!

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