The Essential Yoga Equipment List for Home Workouts

The Essential Yoga Equipment List for Home Workouts

woman practicing yoga at home while using yoga blocks 

With the global yoga ambiguity, most people prefer practicing yoga at their homes, hence the demand for more yoga essentials like yoga blocks and mats. The 2021 global yoga survey by Do You sheds light on how and why yoga is practiced, and one of the key findings is that more individuals prefer doing yoga at home. So, why do so many people love doing yoga at home? Several factors have contributed to this trend, including affordability, convenience, privacy away from judgments and competition. Lastly, you get to be in control, and you can do yoga at any time you choose.

However, with all the pros, you still need to keep in mind that doing yoga at home also comes with its cons. The first downside of practicing yoga at home is that self-guided yoga can be tricky if you're a beginner, with no one to examine, guide, and correct your form. While getting started with yoga at home can be tough, having the right yoga exercise equipment and space for your workouts gets you to the next level. Here is an essential yoga equipment list guide that will help you enhance your yoga practice.

What Equipment Do I Need for Beginner Yoga?

yoga essentials including a block mat water bottle and shoes

If you're looking forward to starting an at home yoga practice, you'll need various yoga equipment for beginners. Here are the essential yoga props and why you should consider choosing each. 

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat, also called a sticky mat, helps create your personal space and provides traction on a surface to help you stay in place while doing your yoga positions to prevent slipping.

Depending on your budget, you'll need to decide whether you want a premium yoga mat or a starter yoga mat. If you choose to purchase a starter yoga mat, you may need to replace it the more use it gets. Other essential features to consider include thickness, durability, traction, length, material, and comfort. 

Water Bottle

You can't have a good yoga workout without adequate hydration! A water bottle is a piece of yoga equipment that can easily be forgotten in your yoga equipment list but is actually very essential. Depending on your budget, consider purchasing a reusable water bottle that's big enough to carry a sufficient amount of water.

Yoga Towels

Yoga towels will absorb sweat and improve your grip on the yoga mat. Having sweaty feet and palms can make your yoga practice uncomfortable; that's why a towel is essential. Consider buying a towel that's within your budget, as any towel can do, especially if you're prone to sweating a lot.

Yoga Clothing 

It's important to note that you don't necessarily need designer, trendy prints, or costly yoga clothing to start yoga. Start with yoga clothing that is breathable and comfortable, like the yoga pants that you have in hand. However, it's important to get good quality yoga basics of what you're missing.

  • Yoga Pants/Shorts: The appropriate yoga shorts or pants should be form-fitting and have elasticity that helps with comfort when doing your positions. If you're looking forward to working out in a hot room, you'll definitely want to consider yoga shorts. Consider high-quality options so that they can last longer. 
  • Yoga Tops/Sports Bras: Get form-fitting yoga tops to prevent loose clothing getting in the way of doing your positions. When purchasing a top or sports bra, consider getting one that has wicking material to draw moisture (sweat) away from your body.
  • Hair Bands/Hair Ties: These are important yoga accessories if your hair is long, regardless of whether you're a man or woman. Get one that is moisture-wicking to prevent sweat and hair from getting into your eyes.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks help you elongate your stretching and establish appropriate posture alignment. Blocks are perfect for all fitness levels, and they provide a comfortable foundation. Our yoga blocks are accompanied by straps that will help you deepen stretches and achieve some poses. Yoga blocks are crucial for standing poses where you place your hands on the ground. It's worth including a set of yoga blocks in your yoga essentials if you plan on doing your yoga at home.

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing yoga blocks is adaptability. Choose adaptable yoga blocks with different adjustable heights. Secondly, choose blocks that are slightly wider if you want to get better stability. 

Yoga Wheel and Yoga Half Wheel

Yoga wheels and yoga half wheels help enhance blood circulation, flexibility, balance, and even core strength. While yoga wheels are not a must-have for a beginner, they're one of the best yoga accessories that are essential as you get used to more advanced yoga practices that need extra support and stability. Our half design wheel makes it an excellent yoga accessory to include in your yoga practice. It is more compact compared to other yoga wheels and is travel-friendly. All you need to do is grab your yoga mat to get started! You can also check out our half-wheel yoga workout guide to get started. 

Exercise Ball 

The yoga exercise ball is great for relieving back pain during pregnancy and for improving your posture and core strength. As a beginner, an exercise ball is essential yoga exercise equipment that will help you improve your posture and core strength.

Non-essential Yoga Equipment for Beginners

Non-Slip Socks

Socks during yoga are thought to be optional, and people are often encouraged to do yoga barefoot. However, non-slip grip socks can still provide a lot of support and traction in a Pilates/yoga studio.

Preparation Before Doing Your Yoga 

While yoga is quite an exciting practice that does not need warm-ups, it does require some preparation to maximize the benefits of the exercise. You need to prepare your body prior to doing your yoga. This will maximize the benefits you get from the yoga exercise and make your yoga more comfortable and relaxing. Some of the important practices you need to do before yoga include having a small snack, drinking enough water to hydrate, and wearing comfortable yoga clothes.


When getting your yoga essentials, you need to think of your safety, comfort, stability, and cushion. In addition, getting quality yoga tools will provide you with the confidence you need to start your yoga. Now that you are aware of all the necessary accessories to include in your yoga equipment list, you're ready to get started with your workout! Shop our wide range of quality yoga equipment today. 


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