The Ultimate Core Workout Guide

The Ultimate Core Workout Guide

Whether it’s keeping you looking great or helping you maintain your balance, core strength is incredibly important for allowing you to feel your best. Keeping your core in its best shape is easy, especially when you have the right tools in-hand. Enter the URBNFit Core Slider - a simple tool to up your total body and core workout game.

Why choose the Core Slider?

The Core Slider introduces unique movements that require stability and range of motion with added resistance, in a form that is hard to replicate with other workout equipment. Allowing your hands or feet to keep constant contact with the ground/floor, the Core Slider makes for a fun, low-impact exercise that is portable and effective on any surface. 

What kinds of workouts can I do with the Core Slider?

At URBNFit, we created this handy workout guide for you. Use the visuals below as inspiration to create your own workout, or tackle this easy-to-follow guide for the ultimate core workout.

  1. Lateral Lunges. These are a great movement on their own, and the Core Slider allows you to add more stability, which ups the challenge and the effectiveness.

  2. Leg Circles. Get warmed up and ready for your workout! This movement also helps improve hip mobility.

  3. Squats. Squats are the king of all exercise and adding in the Core Slider will increase the stability aspect of this body weight movement.

  4. Knee Tuck. This movement is perfect for your abs and keeping your abdominals straight.

  5. Plank Jack. Strengthen the groin muscles and inner thigh with this challenging movement.

  6. The Pike. This more advanced version of the Knee Tuck is ideal if you’re looking to increase the resistance and effectiveness.

  7. Wide Mountain Climber. This movement is great for increasing your hip flexibility and stability.

  8. Arm Circles. Add resistance to this range of motion exercise by including the Core Slider.

  9. Arm Crawls. This fun and functional exercise can be done going forward or backward.

Save it to your phone or computer by downloading the full size guide.

Tips & Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Workout

With all of these exercises, you will want to start light and slow with a small range of motion. As you get more comfortable with the movements, you can then begin increasing the number of reps and range of motion. You should never try to “max out” on any of these exercises the first few times around, but instead get your body used to this type of resistance gradually over a few workouts with time and rest to recover in between. Each exercise can be adjusted over time to help you from plateauing and also keep your gains constant.


Like what you see? Up your workout game with the URBNFit Core Slider!

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