URBNFit YOGA Wheel Workout Guide

URBNFit YOGA Wheel Workout Guide

The yoga wheel can be used by beginners as well as advanced yogis to improve flexibility and perform a number of yoga exercises. It is also used for relieving back pain and tension in other muscles.

Exercises You Can Perform With Yoga Wheel

Open Shoulders

Position your torso on the yoga wheel and slowly slide forward so that your torso ends up resting on the floor. Stretch your arms forward and rest your hands on the floor. Hold this stretch for 30-60 seconds and repeat according to your comfort level.

open shoulders wheel yoga pose

Open Shoulders Extended

This is similar to the above exercise except that when you are done assuming the above position you should push your legs up in the air slowly while ensuring that the wheel is under your belly. Open your mid & upper back while relaxing your shoulders. Hold the posture for 10 breaths.

open shoulders extended wheel yoga pose

Planks for Core Strength

Sit down on your knees and keep the yoga wheel behind you. Keep your feet on the yoga wheel one by one and get into the plank position. Engaging your core and lower body, try keeping the wheel in position. Hold the plank for 30-60 seconds. Repeat the exercise two to three times.

planks for core strength wheel yoga pose

Stretches for Beginners

Hip, Groin and Thighs

Stand on your yoga mat with your yoga wheel in front of you. Lift one leg so that your foot rests on the yoga wheel, your knee half bent while your other leg from your toes to your shin should be resting flat on the floor. While maintaining your balance use your foot to roll the wheel forward so that your leg becomes straight. Pause and repeat.

hip groin thighs wheel yoga pose

Open Hips and Side Body

Stand on your mat. Keep the yoga wheel next to one of your sides, either left or right. Get into a squat position and lean on one of your sides, taking support from the same side hand and leg. Stretch the other leg so that you can easily place your foot on the wheel. While leaning on your side, slowly roll the ball outwards with your foot so that your leg is entirely stretched. Repeat as many times as you easily can. Do the same exercise for the other leg.

open hips wheel yoga pose

Crescent Pose

Stand on your mat, legs spread as wide as your hips. Tuck in your tailbone and keep your upper body elongated. Your palms should be facing upwards and a little away from your body. Push one of your legs backwards so that your shin rests flat on the wheel. Stretch your psoas muscles while pulling your lower belly in. Exhale and rotate your torso towards the front so that your pelvis is parallel to the floor. Bring your arms up and assume the namaskar position. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for the other leg.

crescent wheel yoga pose


Calves & Hamstrings

Sit down on your yoga mat with your yoga wheel in front of you. Sit upright with your legs lying flat on the floor. Then lift your legs one by one and keep them on the yoga wheel side by side. Do 3-4 extended stretches with your legs by moving your feet back and forth on the wheel. Stretch them forward completely and hold. Roll your upper body inwards and touch your toes with your hands. Pause for 30 seconds or till you feel satisfied with your stretch.

 calves hamstring wheel yoga pose

Chest, Back & Spine Extensions

Sit on the floor with the yoga wheel behind you. Your feet should be resting flat on the floor. Lean back on the wheel, pushing your arms upwards and making a circle so that they come above your head.

Position the wheel under your spinal cord, stretch your legs so that they are straight and your toes are pointing outwards. Hold for 30 seconds or until you feel the stretch.

chest back spine wheel yoga pose

Chest, Back & Arms

Sit down on your knees  with the yoga wheel behind you. Lie down on the wheel so that it is between your hips and middle back. Your feet should be resting firmly on the floor and your legs should be shoulder width apart. Roll your back on the wheel upwards so that your neck goes down the wheel. Grab the wheel from both sides with your elbows pointing towards the floor. When you feel the stretch, lift up one of your legs and keep it on the other leg. Your knee should be bent and your foot should be resting on the other leg just right above the knee. Hold the position for as long as you can and repeat with the other leg.

chest back arm wheel yoga pose  

Advanced Yoga Positions 

Assisted Plow

Lie down on the floor. Lift your legs and feet in the air. Keep the yoga wheel under your buttocks. Lift up your buttocks slowly so that the wheel moves inwards towards your back. Grabbing the sides of the wheel, try to bring your feet above your head. This is an advanced yoga position and you should be cautious with it.

assisted plow wheel yoga pose

Assisted Shoulder Stand

Place the yoga wheel under your lower back. With your legs extended and your feet pointing upwards towards the roof, stretch your neck to lengthen it and relax your face. Hold for 10 breaths.

assisted shoulder stand wheel yoga pose

Crazy Crow 

With your knees slightly bent, keep your palms on the yoga wheel. The wheel should be resting flat on the floor, not in a standing position. With your palms grabbing the sides of the wheel, put your weight on the yoga wheel while lifting your head. Putting your weight on your tiptoes, lift one foot followed by the other. Roll your feet towards your buttocks so that your shins are parallel to your hips and form an angle of 45 degree with the floor. Hold the position for 30-60 seconds.

crazy crow wheel yoga pose

Pigeon Pose

Kneel on the ground. Your yoga wheel should be behind you. Grab the wheel firmly between your feet. Lean backwards with your back pushing against the wheel and try to reach for the other side of the yoga wheel behind you. Grab the wheel from its sides and try rolling over it so that your head moves to the other side of the wheel. Be very careful and do not create any unnecessary tension in your back. Hold it for 30 seconds or until you are satisfied with your stretch.

pigeon pose wheel yoga pose

Assisted Headstand

Lie down with your forearms  resting on the floor, keeping the yoga wheel in front of you and grabbing it from its sides. Position your head on the floor so that its top touches the floor and the points of your elbows and your head make the shape of a triangle. Pull the wheel towards you so that the back of your head is resting against it. Lift your hips into the air and move your feet towards your head. Grip the wheel and use your core muscles to lift your feet off the ground, while slowly making your way into a full headstand. Once in a headstand, breath in and out deeply, while maintaining your balance using the wheel. Try and hold this pose for 10 breaths before bringing your feet slowly back to the floor in a controlled manner.

assisted head stand wheel yoga pose

Headstand Plow Pose

If you are an advanced yogi and already know how to do a headstand then this variation is not going to be that difficult for you. Instead of using the yoga wheel for performing an assisted headstand, keep the wheel in front of you at roughly a distance equal to your body length. Get into the headstand position. After you are balanced properly, move your legs together towards the wheel so that your toes rest on the wheel. Your elbows should be pointing towards the wheel. Depending on your fitness level, hold this position for 30-60 seconds.

headstand plow wheel yoga pose

Assisted Monkey Pose

Kneel on the floor. Extend your left foot forward and place it firmly on the yoga wheel. Keep your back straight. Lean forward till your palms and elbows lay flat on the ground. Stretch back your left leg without hyperextending your knee. Slowly press the left heel in forward direction opposite to your torso. Push your right knee backwards. Your left foot should be pressing against the floor. Pushing your shoulders back, raise your arms above your head and join your palms. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

assisted monkey pose wheel yoga pose

Balance & Challenge

Stand with the yoga wheel between your legs. Extend one of your legs forward so that your knee is at a right angle with the floor. Place the thigh of your other leg on the yoga wheel and slowly lift up your foot. Maintaining your balance, bend your knee while still on the yoga wheel and grab your foot. Straighten your upper body and reach towards the sky with your other hand. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

balance and challenge wheel yoga pose

Quadriceps Stretch

Standing upright on the floor hold the wheel behind your back in your left hand. Lift and bend your left knee, place your foot in the wheel so that your toes work as a hook. Extend your right arm forward for balance and push back your left foot for creating resistance. Using the support of your hips, try grabbing the floor with your right hand. Push your left foot against the wheel while using your left hand to pull the wheel towards the floor. Try straightening your right leg and use it along with your right hand to maintain body balance. Maintain this position for 30 seconds and repeat the pose with the other leg.

quadrecips stretch wheel yoga pose

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