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Plastic Balance Board

  • $ 27.99

  • A FULL BODY WORKOUT - Use your Wobble Boards to build muscle, recover from injury, improve your posture, and enhance your balance. The various bodyweight exercises you can do with exercise boards target muscle group in the legs, core, chest, back, and arms. The versatility of Fit Boards makes them an essential tool for the at-home gym workouts or a useful piece of physical therapy equipment
  • BURN CALORIES STANDING AT YOUR DESK - Studies show sitting for long periods of time is bad your long-term health. Wobble boards are ideal for use in the office and at a standing desk because not only does it get you standing, but the small movements used to help you balance actually help you burn calories through non-exercise activity thermogenesis
  • MADE FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS AND AGES - Our fitness boards are designed to be efficient and safe. Non-slip grips on the top of the disc keep your feet in place as you go through the workout. The wooden balance boards are made from premium wood. They are designed and carefully constructed to give you maximum effectiveness at any workout level
  • BONUS PDF EXERCISE GUIDE INCLUDED - Created and designed by accredited personal trainers, we’ve included a free beginner’s exercise guide along with your balance board to get you losing weight and started on your fitness journey
  • THE URBNFit PROMISE - We have one goal: help you achieve your fitness goals. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our home exercise equipment. If you have any issues, we’ll fix it; that’s our promise. READ THE REVIEWS!

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