Dual Sided Core Sliders Exercise Disks

Ultimate Core Exercise Disc That Strengthen And Tones Your Whole Body. Core slider gliding discs are here to revolutionize your fitness training and workout routine. 

  • These sliders engage all your core muscles providing excellent, challenging abdominal strength training.

    By allowing your hands or feet to keep constant contact with the ground/floor, they make for an outstanding, low impact weight exercise. Plus, the wide range of exercise variations they offer makes them incredibly exciting to work with.

    Take Your Fitness Training Anytime, Anywhere

    Being extremely lightweight and compact, these amazing 100% portable core sliders are easy to carry with you on your trips, to the gym class, or outdoors.

    Simply put them in your gym bag, backpack or travel case and you're ready to go.

    Effective on Any Surface

    Take your core sliders out of your bag and workout on any surface. Due to their double-sided design, these miracle makers can glide easily on both carpet and hardwood floors.

    Workout Guide

    These gliding exercise discs are versatile and use your body weight coupled with your flexibility to give you a whole body workout. You can use them to improve your lower body as well as upper body stretching capability. They can help you sculpt your hips, legs, chest & back. Our detailed workout guide can help you learn the best exercises for you.

    Exercises You can Perform

    You can perform a number of exercises using these core sliders for your abs (single & double leg mountain climber, cross & wide mountain climber, knee tuck, plank jack, Thai plank, pike etc), for your glutes (reverse tuck,skater,reverse  & lateral lunges, squats, plank kick out, toe point, sliding burpee etc) and for your upper body ( sliding push-up, arm slide, arm circle, cross-under, arm crawl).

    Easy to Carry

    These dual side core sliders are very compact and can fit easily in your backpack. Both sides can be used on any type of flooring and you can take them anywhere you want. If you are a fitness enthusiast you can benefit from them even while you are travelling and use them even on your hotel room floor.

    Recommended for

    It is highly recommended for those who want to sculpt their body while preferring a low impact workout. They can improve not only your core strength but also shape up your body and make you lose those extra inches without too much discomfort. Their ease of use make them an ideal workout tool for those with a busy routine and a 30-min session is enough to get you in shape.