Gym Rings

THE ULTIMATE BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT - Bodyweight training in the form of ring training develops upper body muscles, strengthens your core, and also improves mobility and flexibility. Bodyweight training is not only more effective than gym machines that only focus on limited muscle groups, it’s also more convenient. Just hang the rings on a suitably strong support and get an incredible workout from the comfort of your own home!

SET A NEW PERSONAL RECORD - Work out rings are more than an exercise accessory. Do Crossfit ring dips, pull-ups, muscle-ups, levers, iron crosses, and enjoy a bodyweight strength training that pushes you to engage multiple muscle groups at once.

COMFORTABLE NONSLIP GRIPS - The gymnastics rings have textured grips which are designed to eliminate slippage due to sweaty hands. Made with heavy-duty APS plastic, the rings can hold up to 1,000 lbs.

EASY TO INSTALL & SETUP - Wrap the straps around a secure bar, run the strap’s end through the ring and insert it into the locking buckle. Extra long 17-foot straps allow you to adjust the rings to the perfect length depending on your height and the workout you’re planning to do.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - At URBNFit We care about our customers reaching and surpassing their fitness goals. If you have any issues with your gymnastic rings, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to make it right.

Workout Guide
These gym rings are used for performing body weight exercises and can significantly improve the strength of your core muscles and the pliability of your connecting muscles. Because they employ your own body weight, such workouts have a lower risk of injury and at the same time they increase your body strength as well as flexibility.

Exercises you can Perform
Using the gym rings you can either start a basic gymnastic routine depending upon your current fitness level or build an athletic physique or you can also use them to perform dips, chin-ups, reverse row, tuck, leg raises, suspension slides, suspension bodysaw, suspension rollouts, suspension gliding hamstrings, inverted rows, planking etc. Advanced gymnastic exercises would require proper guidance and training.

Easy to Carry
These gym rings are very convenient to carry and you can take them anywhere. From your room to your gym or your favorite park, you can install them quickly and with ease. All you need is a secure bar with which you can lock the straps and you are ready for your gymnastic workout or body weight exercises.

Recommended for
It is highly recommended for those who want an Olympian’s body or for those who want to enhance the strength of their core muscles. It can significantly enhance endurance and power when done through a proper routine with persistence. Majority of the exercises done with gym rings are whole body exercises thus they work out every muscle in your body at the same time.