Supplement - Daily Focus - Nootropic Brain Boosting Supplement

$ 29.97

Nootropic ingredients encourage optimal brain function to help you make effective decisions.

Its 2:30pm, and you seriously cannot…keep…your…eyes…open. Unfortunately, you have a huge project you need to finish by the end of the day. Lucky for you, there is a way to get through it with increased focus and energy. Daily Focus combines multiple research-backed nootropic (brain enhancing) ingredients into one tasty drink to give your brain the fuel it needs to help you crush your project effortlessly. The combination of amino acids, herbs, and other nutrients boost cognitive function, working memory, energy, and attention. It doesn’t just load you up with caffeine to make you feel temporarily energetic, but provides ingredients to help your brain work optimally. Daily Focus is the fuel your brain and body need to help crush your goals effortlessly.



Naturally occurring amino acid used to make neurotransmitters that help boost alertness, attention, mood, and mental focus.


Can impact the brain directly, acting as an antioxidant, increasing blood flow, and boosting energy production in brain cells.


Increases protein kinase C and serotonin in the brain, associated with improved memory and enhanced function.


A fat-like substance that increases memory, verbal recall, and concentration.


Boosts alpha-waves in the brain, promoting a feeling of relaxed alertness and increasing creativity.


A well-known cognitive enhancer, caffeine increases energy, vigilance, attention, and speeds up reactive time.


Patented ingredient derived from the coffee fruit that increases BDNF in the brain to reduce feelings of stress.


Supports gut health and enhances bioavailability of other ingredients.


Plant extract that increases acetylcholine in brain, enhancing learning ability and memory.