Long Fitness Bands

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The URBNFit Long Exercise Bands are the perfect accessory to every workout, stretching and rehabilitation program. Made of professional grade high quality latex rubber. These flat stretch bands help to increase your fitness abilities with quickly. From workout DVD's to doctor recommended stretches, exercise bands are a must. Easy to carry or take on trips. 

Workout and Stretching Guide Included - Easy to follow stretches and workouts to get you started quickly.

3 Long Resistance Bands for Different Abilities and 1 Door Anchor
Each long exercise band is 5 Feet (60 inches) long and 6 inches wide.
- Easy Band (Yellow)
- Medium Band (Blue)
- Hard Band (Red)
- 1 Door Anchor for more exercises

Great for Rehabilitation and Stretching - Use the URBNFit Exercise bands to speed the recovery process and gain movement and mobility.