Stability Wobble Cushion Balance Disk

BALANCE DISCS ELEVATE YOUR FITNESS - A balance disc makes workouts, yoga, pilates and most exercise routines harder and more effective. The design focuses on improving ab strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. The 13” diameter makes this piece of workout equipment perfect for your home gym, physical therapy routine or office

RELIEVE BACK AND NECK PAIN - The ergonomic design of the Wobble Cushion provides lower back pain relief from sitting at your office chair or desk chair for long times. Place the wobble cushion between you and your office chair for lower back and lumbar support, or sit on top of the chair cushion for posture enhancement and flexible seating

CHILDREN’S WIGGLE SEAT - Sensory cushions have been shown to be an unobtrusive and effective tool to help kids who can’t stay still and focused in the classroom be more engaged and focused on their tasks

RAISED MASSING POINTS AND NON-SLIP GRIP - Raised massage points on one side help improve natural circulation and blood flow while the textured surface on the other side of the balance disc keep the stability cushion in place during your workout

MADE FROM ECO FRIENDLY MATERIALS - Our balance disc is made with no latex, glues, phthalates, toluene or chloride. Includes an easy to use pump so you can get started quick


A wobble cushion balance disk is generally made for three main types of exercises: core, legs and shoulders. The wobble cushion helps to improve balance and strengthen body muscles as it allows for more control. The URBNFit Stability wobble cushion balance disk is made with eco-friendly materials, that is, it does not use any chlorides, glues, latex or toluene. It features a non-slip grip for best results.


The URBNFit Stability wobble cushion balance disk is the perfect device for relieving neck and back pain that is caused by sitting in an office chair for too long. All you have to do is place the wobble cushion behind the strained area as this will provide lumbar support. For posture enhancement or a better seating position, place the balance disk on the chair and sit on top.


Adjusting the air pressure of the URBNFit Stability wobble cushion balance disk is an easy but calculated task. All you have to do is insert the needle all the way inside the wobble cushion and then pump it a number of times depending upon the air pressure you would like to have in it. However, for best results, it is best not to over-inflate it.


The URBNFit Stability wobble cushion balance disk is not just great for adults but also for children. A number of parents often struggle with getting their child to focus or concentrate at school or at other important activities. This product is the perfect solution for that.

Similarly, the wobble cushion has raised massage points on one side that help with blood circulation in the body. The other side of the cushion is textured which helps to keep it in place while you try to balance on it.


You can use the URBNFit Stability wobble cushion balance disk while doing activities like yoga, pilates and home workouts. It’s best to use it if you are aiming to improve flexibility, balance, ab strength and/or coordination of muscles. The wobble cushion features a 13 inch diameter which is perfect for your personal routine, whether you are in office, at home or at class.