Balance Trainer

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Train Like a Fitness Pro With The URBNFit Balance Trainer Half Ball

Want to know how you can make the best out of your fitness regime and achieve tremendous results fast?

Two words: Balance Trainer

    • BALANCE TRAINER DESIGNED BY SPORTS EXPERTS FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Made from excellent quality materials and designed by TOP FITNESS EXPERTS, this innovative workout accessory will tremendously improve your coordination, body awareness, muscle strength and flexibility and deliver fast, mind-blowing results.
    • SLIP RESISTANT: Stand, jump, kneel, or even lay on this incredible balance training tool, and challenge every part of your body safely. Being 100% SLIP RESISTANT, this is the ideal workout gear for everyone; from professional ATHLETES to REHAB PATIENTS and elders doing their FALL PREVENTION training.
    • DUAL ACTION HAND PUMP: The QUICKEST, SAFEST and MOST EFFORTLESS way to pump up your Balance Ball and get down to some serious fitness action right away.
    • COOL WORKOUT GUIDE INCLUDED: With this Balance Trainer you will also receive a FREE, AWESOME WORKOUT GUIDE with priceless advice for both beginners and advanced practitioners.


This is the secret of top professional athletes, basketball players, bodybuilders and fitness trainers around the world for building a fabulous body and hugely increasing their athletic performance the fast and fun way.

This top quality, professional balance trainer is meticulously designed by our fitness experts, in order to bring you a world class, strength, flexibility, balance and cardio workout tool with mind blowing results.

Have a Personal Trainer at Your Fingertips 24/7

URBNFit Balance Trainer is here to boost your regular workout routine in ways that you can't even imagine. Whether a casual exerciser, runner, dancer, martial artist, or any type of athlete, integrating our Balance Trainer into your regime will

work wonders for you.

Extremely easy to use, lightweight and portable, this is the absolute best exercise gear for your home workout and a great addition to your yoga practice.

Why Trust the URBNFit Balance Trainer

Check out why this balance trainer is the best deal on the market for you:

-SUPERIOR QUALITY materials; designed by top fitness professionals
- Competitive price; FAIR PRICE tag that will astound you
- FREE WORKOUT GUIDE with valuable instructions for beginners and advanced practitioners
-Easy to use, DUAL ACTION hand pump
-SLIP RESISTANT; Safe to use regardless of age or fitness level
-IDEAL FOR REHAB, after surgery work, and elders FALL PREVENTION training

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our money back guarantee, no questions asked policy, how could you lose?

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