Muscle Roller

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RECOVER FROM WORKOUTS FASTER AND PREVENT INJURY - Post workout self massaging with massage sticks increases blood circulation, restores motion and reduces stiffness and pain in your muscles caused by lactic acid buildup. Rolling with a muscle roller helps you recover and gets you back to the gym faster.

RECOMMENDED BY TRAINERS AND PHYSICAL THERAPISTS - From top trainers to professional physical and rehabilitation therapists, URBNFit Massagers are universally recommended. Athletes, crossfit enthusiasts, body builders, average gym goers and those just getting started on their weight loss journey benefit from this piece of workout equipment.

LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE AND EFFECTIVE - Relieve muscle soreness while at home or traveling. The lightweight muscle roller weighs 8 ounces and is 16 inches long. The roller fits comfortably into luggage and carry ons. The stick’s slim design is easy to store at home and allows you to roll your calves, quads, legs, thighs, IT bands, hamstring, glutes and arms from the comfort a hotel or your living room.

BUILT TO LAST - Our Muscle Roller is made with premium high grade materials and designed to be effective and long lasting. Made with polypropylene plastic and steel, there is a 2mm gap between each roller to allow for smooth rolling and prevent hair getting stuck. Non slip handles with grips and a 100% steel bar running through the stick keep the unit secure.

THE 100% URBNFit PROMISE - We care about our customers reaching their fitness goals. If you have any issues with your Muscle Roller, get in touch and we’ll be happy to make it right.


A muscle roller’s main purpose is to relieve muscle soreness. The URBNFit muscle roller is a lightweight and portable device, weighing only 8 ounces, so it is great for traveling. It has a slim design in the shape of a stick which makes it easy to store.

The muscle roller relieves sore muscles by decompressing them and bringing them back to their original shape. It also increases blood circulation and is great for using before a workout as it prepares the body for stretching and movement of muscles.


Working out too strenuously can cause lactic acid to build up in your body, which is exactly what a muscle roller reduces. The URBNFit muscle roller restores motion in the body which helps you to recover from cramps faster and get back to the gym in no time. Similarly, this muscle roller can also be used for weight loss, bodybuilding, athletic and other similar exercises.