Professional Resistance Band Roll (Bulk)

by URBNFit
$ 24.97
  • NON-LATEX RESISTANCE BANDS - Made with premium TPE, with no scent, and no powder coating. These elastic resistance bands are a perfect option for those with sensitivities and latex allergies, practitioners and clinicians.
  • RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS - Utilized by physical therapists, occupational therapists and personal trainers. The simple and customizable resistance band system allows you to tailor the band to fit a your specific needs so you can achieve your fitness and therapeutic goals in the clinic, at home or at the gym.
  • RESISTANCE TRAINING AND REHABILITATION - Fitness bands provide both positive and negative force on muscle groups during exercises and also stretch, tone and condition muscle groups. A perfect accessory for physical therapy, yoga, pilates, stretching or strength training.
  • 75 FOOT LONG CUSTOMIZABLE ROLL - The easily dispensable band can be cut and customized to any size that is needed for yourself or your client.


Whether utilized for rehabilitation or strength training, elastic resistance bands are perfect for clinics, home workouts of the gym! Our high grade latex-free elastic resistance bands are a favorite amongst clinicians for their ability to provide optimal and gentle improvement in strength, range of motion and flexibility. And a favorite for their convenience and reliability with your yoga, pilates, stretching and strength training workouts!

URBNFit’s Professional Latex-Free Resistance Bands Features:
ABSOLUTELY NO LATEX. Made with premium TPE.
Arrives in a convenient, dispensable roll!
Perfect for physical therapy, at home workouts and the gym.