Roller Board Balance Trainer

by URBNFit
$ 79.97

A DYNAMIC WORKOUT - Balance training boards are a fun and exciting way to Improve your balance, body control, agility and build strength while sculpting your legs, abs and Core

MULTI SPORT ATHLETIC TRAINING - Athletes from various sports benefit from the muscular and Neuromuscular Response Training balance boards provide. Whether improving balance for board sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, skiing, paddle boarding and wakesurfing or training for team sports like basketball, football, MMA, lacrosse and soccer, the Roller Board is perfect for every athlete

MADE FROM PINE AND POPLAR WOOD - The deck is made from premium hardwood construction of pine and poplar wood with a layer of non-slip emery grip tape on top. The roller is made from PVC with a soft fabric on the outside that adheres naturally to the bottom of the board

WORKOUT GUIDE & QUICKSTART GUIDE INCLUDED - Get started with your balance board right away and enjoy the fun and interactive exercises that enhance cognitive and physical functionality

THE 100% URBNFit PROMISE - At URBNFit We care about our customers reaching their fitness goals. If you have any issues with your Roller Board, get in touch and we’ll be happy to make it right

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