VYBE Pro Muscle Massager

$ 197.99

This VYBE Pro massager is suitable for all ages and all muscle related conditions and can be used by anyone from the comfort of their own homes. VYBE Pro Massager is perfectly suited for breaking knots in muscles and removing aches and pains. Protective silicone cover helps in strong grip and lightweight handle allows more comfort.

VYBE Pro Massager Key Features

  • Limitless Uses: Perfect for breaking up the knots in muscles and muscle recovery after a workout. Increases range of motion by engaging and relaxing the muscle. The pulsating action gets deep into the muscle and removes your aches and pains. Reduces recovery time post-workout.

  • Quality You Can Trust: While similar massagers feel like they are vibrating, ours feels like real percussion. Endorsed by Pro Athletes!

  • Benefits: You will feel like the VYBE really brings life back into those muscles so you can resume your favorite activities without constant pain. 

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand by the VYBE Pro 100%! If you're not completely satisfied, we will provide a replacement or full refund! 

  • Treatment Quality: While most massagers are known to have an effect like that of gentle rubbing VYBE Pro Massager will actually provide you deep tissue massage or percussion therapy. The right speed adjusted for every body part, will help you in releasing muscle spasms, improve blood circulation, and make your tiredness go away within 15 minutes. This model can exert up to 3,400 RPMs force on target sore spots.
  • Intensity Levels:  There are 9 intensity levels and for percussion massage you may choose 12mm pressure head to exert more than 30lbs pressure while for a surface level massage 10mm massage head will bring you 20lbs pressure.