Yoga Half Wheel

$ 23.97

UNIQUE HALF YOGA WHEEL STATIONERY DESIGN - Unlike anything else on the market. Our stationary Half Yoga wheel allows you to open up your stretches and enhance your yoga practice in a comfortable and safe way. The yoga wheel prop stationery design keeps the wheel from rolling, making those hard to hit poses easier.

PERFECT FOR YOUR YOGA CLASS OR HOME WORKOUT - Increase circulation, enhance balance, improve flexibility and develop core strength. The half design of our wheel makes it a great accessory to add to your practice. More compact than other Yoga Wheels and easier to travel with, all you have to do is grab a yoga mat and get started.

MOISTURE RESISTANT AND MADE WITH ECO FRIENDLY MATERIALS - Even though Our yoga wheel is built to last a lifetime, it’s important to know that it is made with durable recyclable plastics. The TPE foam padding is moisture resistant, so you can use it in hot yoga classes and not worry about sweating. With a weight limit of over 1000 pounds, you can rest easy knowing the wheel will hold your weight.

INCLUDES FREE PDF WORKOUT GUIDE - New to yoga? Working with top yoga teachers, we’ve created a free PDF workout guide to help you get started.

THE 100% URBNFit PROMISE - We care about our customers reaching their fitness goals. If you have any issues with your Hip Bands, get in touch and we’ll be happy to make it right.


The URBNFit yoga half wheel has a very unique, stationery design. It features a moisture resistant TPE foam pad which makes workouts more comfortable. Plus, it is made with durable and 100% recyclable plastics, making it environment friendly. It can withstand a weight of over 1000 pounds, ensuring that any body type is suited for this wheel without the risk of damaging it.


The moisture resistant foam pad of the URBNFit yoga half wheel makes attending yoga classes much easier, especially in places with a warmer temperature. Moreover, its design is built in such a way that prevents it from rolling while you exercise, which is not only convenient but also safe. Plus, the product is great for travelling so you don't have to miss a workout even when you aren’t home.


The URBNFit yoga half wheel targets 4 main areas in exercise: flexibility, core strength, balance and circulation. It improves all of these through different poses and a consistent workout routine. Since it is a very compact product with a moderate weight that makes it easy to carry around, you can take it to your yoga class every week rather than being bound to practicing with it at home.


The URBNFit yoga half wheel comes with a free online workout guide that you can download in PDF version. Even if you are a beginner at yoga, this will help you get started by connecting you with the top yoga instructors especially if you’re working out at home. It also includes different poses and tips to help you curate the perfect workout routine.


The URBNFit yoga half wheel is best suited for those who perform yoga regularly or have a passion for it. It is recommended for all ages as yoga is a soft activity that is great for all body types with minimum risk of injury. It is not very pricey either so it is also suitable for those who own or manage fitness institutions. This is because it can be added as an accessory for class participants to practice poses and work on their exercises.