Yoga Wheel and Yoga Strap Set

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Perfect the Most Challenging Yoga Poses Easily

Whether you are an advanced yoga practitioner or a beginner, this incredible, new yoga wheel has come to debunk your beliefs about backbends and inversions.

  • YOGA WHEEL & STRAP COMBO KIT - Get both items for the price of one.
  • PROTECT YOUR SPINE & RELEASE TENSION SAFELY-This ingenious device is specially designed to PROTECT YOUR SPINE and help you RELEASE MUSCLE TENSION from the most difficult areas of your body, thus dramatically boosting your performance and increasing your confidence
  • IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE, INCREASE YOUR FLEXIBILITY AND RANGE OF MOTION THROUGH STRETCHING-We know how challenging backbends and inversions can be. We also know how awesome it feels when you finally get the flexibility and confidence to master even one of them. This new, amazing Yoga Wheel is a great way to help you EXPAND your STRETCH LIMITS SAFELY and PERFECT your favorite asanas.

If you think these poses are too difficult for you to master, think again.

This incredibly practical Yoga Wheel is the latest yoga prop that has come to aid with particularly challenging asanas, like backbends, inversions, chest and hip opening postures.

While providing excellent support for your spine, this Yoga Wheel helps stiff muscles release pent up tension , thus adding those desired, extra inches to your stretch.

Made for Excellence

lIfetime guarantee. URBNFit Yoga Wheel is the best product on the market and the safest, smartest purchase for any fitness enthusiast. Check out why:

▪Extra durable: Made from extremely strong, durable materials and able to support up to 500 lbs without a hitch.
▪Truly reliable: Designed with the special requirements of Yoga practitioners, both beginners and advanced, in mind, this Yoga Wheel performs well every time.
▪Super comfortable: Made with soft and extra thick foam for your utmost comfort and protection.

Perfect for Restorative Yoga

Are you recuperating from injuries or surgery?

Perfect for restorative yoga, both the Yoga Wheel and the highly efficient figure 8 strap are the best way to protect your recovering spine, shoulders, knees and hips from overexertion, while making your daily sadhana more fun than ever.